Women’s Khoisan Snugg Boots



  • 100% Genuine Leather Product
  • Texas Black Leather Upper and Trimmings
  • Tribal Design Cotton Weave Sides
  • Fluffy Fleece Lining Inside
  • Latex Foam Insoles with Leather Finish
  • 100% Eco Rubber Sole
  • Handmade in South Africa


Our Women’s Khoisan Snugg Boots in Texas Black Leather designed to be super comfy and warm. Accordingly Snugg stands for Snuggly. Made from a 100% South African Cow Leather with a multi colour tribal design cotton weave fabric on the sides. The Texas Leather range has a protected coating on it, which makes the leather more water resistant. Above all these Women’s Khoisan Snugg Boots lined with fluffy fleece inside, therefor super comfy and warm in winter. All shoes are fitted with Italian fiber board inner-soles and latex foam in-soles. Covered with leather for a super soft feel. Italian fiber boards are more breathable and durable. Lasting up to 10 years which helps prevent soles from splitting in half. Fitted with 100% genuine eco rubber soles for outstanding quality and good grip. Soles can be replaced and recycled when needed.

As a matter of fact all NAVA Apparel shoes are handmade by local South African craftsmen and women. Without their skills, our quality products wouldn’t exist. Generally a smaller stock production hence we always strive for quality above quantity. These Snugg Boots are exclusively available online and at our Flagship Store in Timberlake Village.

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Artist Inspiration:  The Khoisan Collection designed for the free spirited wanderers who chose to live from the land. Those who live in harmony with nature like the Kalahari Bushman. It’s tribal, it’s wild but yet peaceful and harmonious. Wearing pieces from this collection must be respected because the Khoisan are the original native South African’s. Therefor still roam the lands, driven to the deserts by those who think they know better. Searching for a place of their own, to live in peace and be one with Mother Earth. Think it’s time we learn from them.

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Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Shoe Size

Women's – 3 UK/SA, 5 US, 35.5 EU, 4 AUS, 22cm, Women's – 4 UK/SA, 6 US, 36,5 – 37 EU, 5 AUS, 23cm, Women's – 5 UK/SA, 7 US, 38 EU, 6,5 AUS, 24cm, Women's – 6 UK/SA, 8 US, 39 EU, 7 AUS, 25cm, Women's – 7 UK/SA, 9 US, 41 EU, 8 AUS, 25,7cm, Women's – 8 UK/SA, 10 US, 43 EU, 9 AUS, 26,7cm


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