Swoon Earrings are handmade with polymer clay and if you love unconventional shapes and designs then these will be perfect for you, with a wide variety of colour tones and patterns to compliment each outfit.

Each pair is individually Handcrafted to be One of a Kind.

Handmade in Cape Town with Love 

Our Brand New ‘Xhosa’ Vellies are a modernised version of the original South African ‘Veldskoen’ in sand suede with a tribal pattern design cotton weave fabric mix.

This is a Classic Shoe with a Modern twist to create a Stylish New Vintaged Look. 

 All our shoes are Handmade in South African.

This New Clothing Collection by Juni the Label was inspired by the beautiful South African landscapes with a focus on the Karoo, encapsulating its feeling of freedom and warmth.

A stunning range of Women’s Tops, Skirts, Shorts & Dresses made from 100% cotton and pure linen, in a variety of earth tones, including Brick Red and Burnt Orange.


Made Naturally. Made Slow. Made in the Garden Route of South Africa.

Our Leather Bag story started when we met Natalie, a mother of 4 in our community, who started making leather bags at home to earn a living and support her family, whilst looking after her children. We decided to support her mission right away and teamed up together to produce our unique and quality range of leather bags for you.

A Handmade Leather Bag goes a long way….!!

Our Women’s Shoe range consists out of a variety of different styles and designs all Handmade in South Africa with love and care by our local South African craftsmen team.

We only use locally sourced materials to create our Uniquely different products.

Quality vs Quantity

Check out our Range of stylish Caps made for the hot South African sun.

All our Caps are on
SALE now for only R150. 

 is a project started by NAVA Apparel to support local Artist of South Africa. Paying them for each T-Shirt printed when using their Original Art work to create these amazing Limited Edition Tee’s, exclusively available at NAVA Apparel.

Our Leather Wallet’s story started when we met Oom Nick at a local market one day, an elderly gentleman in our community who started making leather wallets at his home, so he can earn a living whilst looking after his wife.

We decided to support his mission right away and teamed up together to bring these unique and quality products to you.

A Hand Made Wallet goes a long way….

This Oxblood Red Leather Bow Tie was Handmade from the finest grain of high quality Bovine Cow leather.

Go full romantic.

Wear this bow tie while spending quality time with a special someone and drinking good aged red wine.

Also available in Brown, Navy or Black.

Our Leather Jacket Range is made from a 100% Bovine Cow or Napa Leather for an ultra soft feel and luxurious finish.

All our Leather Jackets are designed with ribbed shoulder and lower back padding for that authentic Biker look.

Available in Charcoal, Brown and Black.

All NAVA Apparel’s Shoes are Handmade with love and care from locally sourced materials by local South African craftsmen.

Our shoes are designed to be Unique and Elegant with a touch of difference from the norm.

“I challenge myself to create something different every time,
as life is too short to look the same as everybody else.”