Navy Corduroy Trucker Cap



  • Navy Corduroy Peak & Front Panel
  • Navy Polyester Mesh Back
  • 5 Panel Structured Cap
  • Pre-Curved Peak
  • Adjustable Clip Strap
  • Fit All Sizes
  • Nava Apparel Leather Tab


Our Nava Apparel Navy Corduroy Trucker Cap made from a blended Corduroy and Polyester mix fabric. This Navy Corduroy Trucker Cap has a 5 panel structure with a navy Corduroy peak plus front panel and navy polyester mesh back for air circulation. Also has a NAVA leather tab. This Cap made to be comfortable, stylish and practical. The Corduroy Trucker Cap also comes with an adjustable clip at the back, to fit all sizes. A must have for anyone under this hot African sun. Match your Cap with our T-Shirts Here.

Corduroy a textile with a distinctively raised cord or wale texture. Modern corduroy most commonly composed out of tufted cords. Sometimes exhibiting a channel bare to the base fabric between them. Both velvet and corduroy derive from fustian fabric. Because Corduroy looks like it was made from multiple cords laid parallel to each other. Further more Corduroy’s made by weaving extra sets of fibre into the base fabric to form vertical ridges called wales. The wales built so that clear lines can be seen when they are cut into pile.

Corduroy considered a durable cloth and found in the construction of trousers, jackets, and shirts. As a matter of fact the width of the wales varies between fabric styles. Specified by the number of wales per inch. Subsequently a wale is a column of loops running lengthwise, corresponding to the warp of woven fabric. The lower the number, the thicker the wales width for example 4-wale much thicker than 11-wale. Wale count per inch can vary from 1.5 to 21. Although the traditional standard usually between 10 and 12. Wide wales more commonly used in trousers, and furniture upholstery. Where as the medium, narrow, and fine wale fabrics usually found in garments worn above the waist.

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