Women’s Tsonga Snugg Boots



  • 100% Genuine Leather Product
  • Toffee Leather Upper and Trimmings
  • Tribal Design Cotton Weave Sides
  • Fluffy Fleece Lining Inside
  • Latex Foam Insoles with Leather Finish
  • 100% Eco Rubber Sole
  • Handmade in South Africa


Our Women’s Tsonga Snugg Boots in Diesel Toffee Leather designed to be super comfy and warm. Accordingly Snugg stands for Snuggly. Made from a 100% South African Cow Leather with a multi colour tribal design cotton weave fabric on the sides. Diesel Leather range buffed, coated in oil and then burned through an ironing press to achieve the effect. Once in use, the oil disperses into the hide, softening the leather from the inside out. This creates the two tone distress appearance as well as a soft velvet touch.

Above all these Women’s Tsonga Snugg Boots lined with fluffy fleece inside, therefor super comfy and warm in winter. All shoes are fitted with Italian fiber board inner-soles and latex foam in-soles. Covered with leather for a super soft feel. Italian fiber boards are more breathable and durable. Lasting up to 10 years which helps prevent soles from splitting in half. Fitted with 100% genuine eco rubber soles for outstanding quality and good grip. Soles can be replaced and recycled when needed.

As a matter of fact all NAVA Apparel shoes are handmade by local South African craftsmen and women. Without their skills, our quality products wouldn’t exist. Generally a smaller stock production hence we always strive for quality above quantity. NAVA Apparel’s Snugg Boots are exclusively available online and at our Flagship Store in Timberlake Village.

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‘Tsonga’ a Bantu language spoken by the Tsonga people. Mutually intelligible with Tswa and Ronga. The name “Tsonga” often used as a cover term for all three, also sometimes referred to as Tswa-Ronga. Xitsonga language standardised for both academic and home use. Making it the base language for the Tsonga people. Like with many other languages, there are various dialects within the Tsonga language group.

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Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Shoe Size

Women's – 3 UK/SA, 5 US, 35.5 EU, 4 AUS, 22cm, Women's – 4 UK/SA, 6 US, 36,5 – 37 EU, 5 AUS, 23cm, Women's – 5 UK/SA, 7 US, 38 EU, 6,5 AUS, 24cm, Women's – 6 UK/SA, 8 US, 39 EU, 7 AUS, 25cm, Women's – 7 UK/SA, 9 US, 41 EU, 8 AUS, 25,7cm, Women's – 8 UK/SA, 10 US, 43 EU, 9 AUS, 26,7cm


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