Men's Sneaker

Men’s Sneaker the newest arrival to our NAVA Apparel shoe collection. Made from a 100% South African Cow Leather. Mix combination of different colour leather’s upper and suede. The interior of this Men’s Sneaker also fully lined with leather for a soft luxurious feel inside. All of our shoes get fitted with Italian fibreboard inner-soles, covered in latex foam and topped with leather. Italian fiber boards much more breathable and durable. Therefor lasting up to 10 years which helps prevent soles from splitting in half. Also fitted with higher density rubber soles for outstanding quality and better grip, as well as hand-stitched into the shoes. As a matter of fact all NAVA Apparel shoes are handmade by skilled local South African craftsmen and women. Without their skills, our quality products wouldn’t exist.

Artist Inspiration: The Men’s Sneaker took us 3 years to get the design perfect in our eyes. In essence not just made to be stylish and cool but also comfortable and durable. Undoubtedly the most difficult part of this design was to find the right bucket sole and last shape. As well as creating a wider fit than usual for our South African customers feet, which are generally wider than European standards. We also aim to produce quality products locally in South Africa with our handmade factory and therefor always taking a bit more time to create our unique products.

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