Men’s Veldskoen Toffee / Brown Leather – LAST SIZES



  • 100% Genuine Leather Product
  • Diesel Toffee Leather Upper Front
  • Diesel Brown Leather Sides Back
  • Diesel Brown Leather Trim
  • Leather Lining Inside
  • Italian Fiber Board Inner-Soles
  • Latex Foam In-Soles Covered with Leather
  • 100% Eco Rubber Outsole
  • Handmade in South Africa


The Men’s Veldskoen in Toffee / Brown Leather our upmarket version of the original South African ‘Veldskoen’ made from a 100% South African Cow Leather. Our Diesel Leather buffed, coated in oil and then burned through an ironing press to achieve the effect. Once in use, the oil disperses into the hide, softening the leather from the inside out. This creates a 2 tone distress appearance with a soft velvet touch

The interior of these shoes fully lined with leather and fitted with Italian fiber board innersoles. Covered with latex foam insoles wrapped in leather for your comfort. Italian fiber boards are much more breathable and durable. Lasting up to 10 years which helps prevent soles from splitting in half. Fitted with 100% genuine eco rubber soles for outstanding quality and good grip. All NAVA Apparel shoes are handmade by local South African craftsman.

Veldskoene (“FELT-skoona”) or colloquially vellies (“FELL-ys”) are Southern African walking shoes made from vegetable-tanned leather or soft rawhide uppers attached to a leather footbed and rubber sole without tacks or nails. The name comes from Afrikaans vel (“skin”), later assimilated with veld (“field”), and skoene (“shoes”). They were first made in the 17th century by the first Dutch settlers in South Africa. Their design is believed to be based on the traditional Khoisan footwear observed by these settlers. The footwear was later embedded into the Afrikaaner psyche when velskoene were used as the footwear of the Great Trek.


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Veldskoen Sizes

Men's – 7 UK/SA, 8 US, 40 EU, 7 AUS, L-26.5cm / W-9cm, Men's – 8 UK/SA, 9 US, 42 EU, 8 AUS, L-27cm / W-9.2cm, Men's – 9 UK/SA, 10 US, 43 EU, 9 AUS, L-28cm / W-9.5cm, Men’s – 9.5 UK/SA, 10.5 US, 43.5 EU, 9.5 AUS, L-28.5cm / W-9.8cm, Men's – 10 UK/SA, 11 US, 44 EU, 10 AUS, L-29cm / W-9.5cm, Men’s – 10.5 UK/SA, 11.5 US, 45 EU, 10.5 AUS, L-29.5cm / W-10cm, Men's – 11 UK/SA, 12 US, 46 EU, 11 AUS, L-30cm / W-10cm, Men's – 12 UK/SA, 13 US, 47 EU, 12 AUS, L-30.5cm / W-10cm, Men's – 13 UK/SA, 14 US, 48 EU, 13 AUS, L-31.5cm / W-10.5cm, Men's – 14 UK/SA, 15 US, 49 EU, 13 AUS, L-32.5cm / W-10.5cm


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